Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Moving Post from Dr. Richard Beck at "Experimental Theology"

Why I Pray: Part 2, Solidarity
by Dr. Richard Beck

I've looked but I can't find where I got this quote, but I remember it clearly and it is Reason #1 for why I pray:
"When you pray, you stand in solidarity with all those who pray."

I pray because people around the world are dying and god-forsaken. They have nowhere to turn. They are helpless and powerless. Prayer represents that moment when all hope is gone and you turn your face heavenward looking for aid, comfort or solace. Looking for a miracle.

When I pray I stand in that hopelessness. I place myself in the position of those who can do nothing put pray. Prayer is their only option, only recourse. It is the only move available to them. Life forces people to their knees. So I go to my knees to be with them, to pray with them. In this sense, Jesus was God's prayer.

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