Saturday, December 8, 2012

Actively Waiting

     To some it might seem silly that many Christians around the world celebrate Advent as a season of anticipation and waiting for Christ to come at Christmas. If we think of it terms of Christ's birth, it is a little silly - since Christ was born into this world around 2,000 years ago. We, as Christians, "have" Christ - so what are we waiting for?
     In our Church, as in many others, we light a candle each week of Advent and contemplate Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. We don't have to look very far to find people in this world who are truly waiting for Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. 
      The Church's waiting is not passive waiting. Our waiting is active. We pray that those who are in need of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love will indeed find it in Jesus Christ. We live out those prayers when we get up off our knees and go into the world carrying Christ to those who are waiting for Hope, waiting for Peace, waiting for Joy, waiting for Love...waiting for Christ to come into their world and make a difference.