Friday, October 21, 2011

Methodist Blog Digest

"Unnatural Gratitude"

Christians are made, not born," said Tertullian. No Christian virtues are innate. Nothing about following Jesus comes naturally. Therefore, so much that the church does for us is formational, educational, and transformational.
Read more from Bishop Will Wilimon's Bolg, A Peculiar Prophet

"United Methodist Pope and Problems of Consolidation"
There has been much fanfare about the restructuring plan for the UMC that will be presented to the 2012 General Conference. I just had a conversation with someone who recently came back from a meeting with a general agency of the church where the plan was explained. We had a wonderful conversation about the history of the UMC and our polity as it relates to the proposed legislation.
     .....A primary concern for me is that we are allowing a business model to dictate ecclesiology.
Read a brief assessment of key points in the Call to Action by someone who helped write the report. Rev. Tim McClendon, A Potter's View

"Congregations as a Whole Can’t Make Disciples…And That’s Okay"
It seems as thought I need to clarify some thoughts from my previous post where I declared: Congregations can’t make disciples. Apparently this phrase was a little offensive so let me offer some follow up thoughts to clarify my point:...
Rev Ben Gosden continues discussing the role of Congregations and Covenant Groups in forming disciples on his Blog, covered in the Master's dust

"The Quiet Revival"
Christianity Today reported a few years ago that eighty-five percent of the members of Yale University’s Campus Crusade for Christ chapter are Asian, whereas “the university’s Buddhist meditation meetings are almost exclusively attended by whites.”1  There is an important lesson in this. It is often stated that Christianity in the Western world is in decline....
Read more from Asbury Theological Seminary President Timothy C. Tennent

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