Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hiaku for Zimbabwe

why ask the question
"am i my brother's keeper?"
we know the answer

Support United Methodist Emergency Relief in Zimbabwe

A $20.00 gift to UMCOR can help feed a family of five in Zimbabwe by providing about two months of maize meal.

To donate, click here: Zimbabwe Emergency Relief 
       The agriculture sector in Zimbabwe, once a source of wealth, has been steadily declining since 2000. The nation is now importing food rather than generating it. UMCOR is providing food for families in need as the country continues to face critical food shortages.
      In 2009, UMCOR delivered 500 metric tons of milled maize throughout 12 United Methodist districts in Zimbabwe, in addition to medical supplies to help fight the cholera epidemic. The relief supplies benefited more than16,000 vulnerable families and supplemented their meager diets.
Your gift of $20.00 can help feed a family of five by providing about two months of maize meal.
$40 can feed 10 people
$60 can feed 20 people

Zimbabwe Emergency
UMCOR Advance #199456

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