Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where is the U.S Going?

The 14th Amendment was written to protect children born in the US to parents who could never become citizens. Specifically, it was an answer to Dread Scott, a Supreme Court decision which held that people of African dissent, brought to this country against their will and their children, even if they were not slaves, were not protected by the constitution and could never become citizens of the US. Additionally, the 14th amendment protected the children of Chinese immigrants born in this country. Cheap Chinese labor, some say slave labor, was responsible for the growth and prosperity of this country from the end of the civil war well into the 20th century. Despite that contribution, neither legal Chinese immigrants nor their children, born on US soil, could become citizens.

In 1868, Racism and jingoism were quickly turning the US into an oppressive country. The 14th amendment was written to remind future generations of the importance of the Declaration of Independence in shaping laws affecting the lives of all human beings. That Declaration proclaimed all men were created equal, period.

It is interesting the repeal of an amendment which has been part of the Constitution for over 2/3’s of this nation’s history is put forward by those who vehemently oppose our first African American President, and question his citizenship based on his birth.

No, this is not interesting; it is frightening. Some in our country have learned nothing from our hate filled past and propel us toward a hate filed future. Angry people who proclaim patriotism seek to rewrite the constitution because of hate and fear. The goal of those who attacked this country 9/11/2001 was to morally and financially bankrupt this nation. It appears many self-proclaimed patriots support that effort.

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