Thursday, July 8, 2010

Captian Quaker asks us "What is Church?"

On his blog, Captian Quaker asked "What is Church?"

     Go to Captian Quaker's Blog to read some beautiful expressions of Church and Christ.
Here is my response:
"What is Church?" First of all I believe Church is organic. A Church cannot be manufactured or built. A Church can be planted. Planted in the Garden that is Christ Jesus; watered with the sweat of service, fertilized with the prayers of the people; and pruned by Christ centered accountability.

     God willing, through the power of Christ’s love made manifest in the Holy Spirit, that Church will bear fruit. Fruit being true disciples of Christ. Fruit being more Church communities. Fruit being justice and mercy in society. Fruit being the courage to hold political, military, legal, economic, educational, and social institutions accountable for what they do to the people. Fruit being love and partnership with Churches walking along The Way as they are able, regardless of differences in opinion.
     Church is Christ doing the very same Kingdom Work that He did in the first Century. Now through His Body, the Church. People of The Way of Christ.

Now, how will you answer this question?

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