Friday, June 25, 2010

One Reason People Stay Away From Church and Christianity

I recently read a BLOG by Chris Rosebrough, "Where Does it Say That We Can "Practice the Presence of God"?, posted on The Letter of Marque that deeply disturbed me for many reasons. His attack on the Catholic Church and on 21st century believers (some of whom call themselves "Emergent") was brutal and bigoted rubbish. I ported a response in an attempt to tell him he was loved and that it takes different tools to get different people into relationship with God through Christ. That only produced more vitriolic yammering from this troubled soul.

What really bothers me is that it is Chris's brand of Christian self-hate that turns people away from the Church. Who would want to become a follower of Christ when people claiming Christ condemn fellow believers.
In becoming irrelevant so many Christians(?) like Chris have also become irreverent. Where's the love Chris?
I'll be praying for you brother.

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